Alliance News Feed – 33 Envision Interns Prepare for Ministry

Envision’s seventh Intern Training Weekend included 33 new interns (10 men and 23 women). They came from all over the United States to the Envision Cleveland site for four days in the beginning of March for spiritual, cultural, and practical preparation. Most plan to travel within the coming few months to their Envision site, including Taiwan, Thailand, Atlanta, Chicago, Indonesia, Spain, and Mexico. Their internships range in length from one month to one year.

One of the highlights of the group’s time together included two sessions going through the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI). SDI is a tool to help understand the values and motivations that drive our behaviors. These sessions raised a lot of aha moments and helped interns gain better self-awareness and greater understanding regarding how they interact with others.

The training weekend closed with worship at Grace Church, located in the Old Brooklyn neighborhood of Cleveland. The church prayed for the interns as they prepare for their internships.

Here’s what a few interns said about the weekend:

I loved getting to know the other interns and staff. . . . It helped to remind me that I’m not alone in all of this. . . . The training weekend helped me form a stronger support system that I am so grateful for.

I learned that what motivates me is different from what motivates someone else, and neither of us are wrong for that. In fact, it is the way that God wired us. I feel like I will be able to better understand people’s actions and reactions, now that I can look at their perspectives.

My favorite takeaway was the shared excitement of missions in the room. It was refreshing to be surrounded by like-minded people who have a heart for the lost.

If you or someone you know is interested in a cross-cultural internship, visit Fill out an inquiry form, and an Envision staff member will contact you.

Source: Alliance News Feed – 33 Envision Interns Prepare for Ministry

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