Alliance News Feed – A Defining Moment for The Alliance in Paraguay

by Robert Brougher, Alliance field leader for Paraguay

Photo courtesy of Robert Brougher

Nearly 200 people from each of the seven Alliance churches in Paraguay—including many young people—met for “Afirmación Aliancista (Alliance Affirmation),” May 26, 2018. It was the first of what is anticipated to be an annual event to affirm our identity as The Christian and Missionary Alliance in that country. Every congregation was represented, some with a large percentage of their church family.

This event was little more than a dream a few years ago. Many of the churches struggled to have effective ministries and were preoccupied with internal challenges. Although they related to one another in an official capacity and supported each other in milestone events such as new building dedications, they had never gathered for a meeting to affirm their identity as The Alliance.

A Clear Message

“It was wonderful to see the Alliance family together, to see that we are growing,” said Pastor Tranquilino Candia. “I have faith that the Lord has something great for us as a denomination.”

Photo courtesy of Robert Brougher

Alliance international worker Luis A. Felipa Zayerz observed: “In our first Paraguayan Alliance Affirmation, God allowed us to see that we are a family in Him, grounded in His Word with our identity in Him and a clear message to share with a world that needs to hear about Christ and to come to Him as Savior, Sanctifier, Healer, and coming King! We truly sensed what He wants us to be.”

The service included worship music, testimonies, and prayer. Jorge Bernardini, president of The Alliance in Paraguay, delivered a stirring message that highlighted the qualities of our founder, A. B. Simpson. Afterward, many attendees responded to an invitation to a deeper personal commitment and service to the Lord.

“The Alliance Affirmation in Paraguay was a great spiritual celebration where we made history!” said Evelin Supruniuk de Báez, a local church leader. “I believe it is the beginning of something glorious that God wants to do with His Church in our country. My heart was moved by the people praising the Lord, making themselves available to serve Him, and crying out to Him for revival. I thank the Lord for this new time!”

Multiplying Churches

The Alliance in Paraguay began in 1965 with an Argentine pastor/missionary who planted a church in Asunción, the nation’s capital. Later, believers from Argentina helped start three additional churches by the year 2000.

Photo courtesy of Robert Brougher

In 1999, the U.S. Alliance sent its first international workers to Paraguay, Bob and Brenda Boston; soon after, another church was started. And in 2008, international workers from Chile began their first work in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay’s second-largest city.

Today, the U.S. Alliance has eight international workers assigned to the country, and Chile has two. They complement the work of six official pastors and a growing number of workers in the churches.

The mission’s primary focus in recent years has been on leadership development. Currently, 27 students are enrolled in the Alliance leadership development institute, and four are studying in non-Alliance seminaries to become pastors.

Please pray for

  • Unity, health, and growth in Paraguay’s C&MA churches
  • Lasting spiritual impact from their ministries
  • The ongoing development of leaders for present and future churches; and
  • More Alliance international workers to serve in Paraguay, where increasing numbers of people are becoming open to the good news of Jesus.

Source: Alliance News Feed – A Defining Moment for The Alliance in Paraguay

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