Alliance News Feed – A Marathon of Epic Proportions

An update from Ray Van Gilst, superintendent of the Central Pacific District:

The Chico area pastors met Wednesday to begin to strategize for the long haul in caring for their sister community of Paradise. Everyone involved in this crisis is realizing more and more that this will be a marathon of epic proportions. But while there are no quick answers or fixes here, we are thankful that God promises wisdom, strength, and empowerment as we ask. And we are going to need a lot of it for this marathon!

As we mentioned before, Bayside Church of Granite Bay (Sacramento) is partnering with Paradise Alliance Church and the Central Pacific District in meeting needs especially for the Paradise Alliance Church (PAC) staff. Wednesday morning the entire staff was invited to join Bayside for their staff meeting in which the PAC staff was brought up front, prayed for, and given gift cards. The Bayside family of churches took up a special offering on Sunday for Paradise and raised $112,000 that day with more coming in. A big THANK YOU to Bayside for their Kingdom mindedness in serving the Body of Christ!

Quite frankly we are still figuring things out at this point, but the constant is always the same—our friends in Paradise and Chico need your prayers and God is in control!

As we have shared, of course they need your prayers and financial help. You can give directly to PAC or Neighborhood Church of Chico, sending it straight to Neighborhood Church of Chico at 2801 Notre Dame Blvd Chico, CA 95928, or to the Central Pacific District office, 715 Lincoln Ave, Woodland, CA  95695, as we will be collecting funds for them. You can also give online through Push Pay for NC Chico or Push Pay for PAC.

Read a recent interview with PAC’s pastor, Josh Gallagher, in Christianity Today and watch another on Canada’s YesTV. For more specific information about the progress of the Camp Fire relief efforts and the status of the Paradise and Chico church families, visit the Central Pacific District blogsite.

Source: Alliance News Feed – A Marathon of Epic Proportions

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