Alliance News Feed – Alliance Church in Sulawesi Flattened by Earthquake and Tsunami

One GKII church was destroyed in this disaster. (Photo courtesy of GKII)

According to the New York Times,  a 7.5 magnitude earthquake shook the coast of Sulawesi, an Indonesian island, Friday, September 28. Only 30 minutes later, an 18-foot tsunami destroyed the city of Palu. The Guardian reported that 844 people have died, but relief workers suspect thousands more may be dead as the workers are having difficulties getting into hardest-hit areas. Tens of thousands of people are now displaced, with 600 wounded being treated in the local hospital.

Eric, an Alliance international worker serving in Indonesia writes:

“Indonesia has been hit by another disaster. Accurate information has been hard to get, but we are following the news to get pictures and updates.

“Some information that we have at this time:

  • All Alliance workers in Sulawesi are fine—they only felt tremors.
  • There is lots of damage, and over 800 people have been confirmed dead.
  • There are at least three GKII (The Alliance in Indonesia) churches in Palu, and at least one was flattened.
  • Another organization, Yayasan Kemah Peduli, is sending a survey team Tuesday to try to get a firsthand view.
  • There is road access, but the airport has been damaged. Some limited flights have started.
  • Buzz (a CAMA worker) has made contact with Mission Aviation Fellowship and Heli Mission to form a partnership.
  • We have committed to sending 50 Jt rupiahs (about U.S.$4,000) to Kemah Peduli to help them in their efforts.
  • We will most likely support Kemah Peduli to work through our churches there rather than sending Alliance personnel like we did in Lombok.

“We just completed a relief and development training in Bali, and it is encouraging to see our GKII brothers and sisters getting in gear.”

CAMA  and an Alliance team are working together to mobilize response efforts to the massive devastation. Please join us in prayer for the thousands who have been affected. Pray that more will turn to Christ for comfort in the midst of this tragedy.

Source: Alliance News Feed – Alliance Church in Sulawesi Flattened by Earthquake and Tsunami

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