Alliance News Feed – Alliance Churches Damaged in Anchorage Earthquake

Alliance Northwest District Field Director Randy Shaw reports on the damage incurred by four Alliance churches:

As you have heard by now, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the Anchorage Basin in Alaska. The Alliance Northwest District has four churches whose buildings and member’s homes were left in a mess: Alliance Bible Church (ABC in Anchorage), Alliance Christian Fellowship (ACF in Eagle River), Sunny Knik Chapel (Wasilla), and Northern Light Chapel (Palmer). One woman noted that everything made of glass in her home is now gone.

Some of the damage done to Alliance Christian Fellowship (ACF) in the Alaska earthquake November 30 (Photo courtesy of Brian Cook, pastor of ACF)

ACF is closest to the epicenter and was hit the hardest. They are in the process of wrapping up a major remodel and suffered significant damage to church offices and property. They also sustained damage to their pipes, which lead to flooding. Some of their staff received major damage to their homes as well.

ABC, Sunny Knik Chapel, and Northern Light Chapel had some messes to clean up, and ABC will need to replace some ceiling tiles and fixtures. However, these three churches did not receive any major damage. Praise the Lord there has only been one report of someone from the congregations getting hurt.

Please pray that those affected will receive care and that all will be protected from aftershocks. Pray that the Church will rise and be a source of help and that Jesus will get the credit. Even He lived in complete dependence on His Father. Let’s follow Him in this.

Source: Alliance News Feed – Alliance Churches Damaged in Anchorage Earthquake

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