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John Stumbo began the Friday any secrets,” John notes, while morning service by reminding acknowledging that restraint is us that through the thunderous a necessary leadership quality roar of our inner and outer lives, that must be exercised when the mighty voice of God can still determining the right time to be heard; that “His whisper can present an idea or address an be louder than all the noise of the world once it penetrates the soul”— and that He remains enthroned as our Mighty King forever. It’s the covenant—the commitment—He’s made to His people.

John then reaffirmed his four commitments to the Alliance family “for this moment in our journey together”:

  1. I will continue to listen—not only to our speaking Lord but also to our speaking family. Operating under the leader.ship philosophy that “a desk is a poor place from which to lead a denomination,” John remains committed to being out among the churches and listening to those he’s been entrusted to lead.
  2. I will continue to be transparent. “I try not to live with important issue.
  3. I will continue to make mistakes—acknowledging that interacting with those who are different than we are can get clunky at times; but “It’s better to be clumsy in a cross-cultural situation than to be smug in isolation.”
  4. I will continue to challenge you—“I’ve got my hiking boots, and I’m heading inland. The highlands of Galatia await. It’s a trek, and I’m not traveling alone, because I’m not going for speed—I’m going for distance . . . and I’m inviting you to journey with me.” We have heard the heart of our leader. May we now exercise courage in our 1 Corinthians commitment to follow his example, as he follows the example of Christ.


The Day in Pictures

Seen and Heard

“[The Alliance family] is serious when we say we love Jesus and we long to fulfill His mission.”

John Stumbo, U.S.C&MA president


“The locusts divide, but the Holy Spirit brings us together.”

Gabriel Salguero, Co-lead pastor of Calvario City Church, Orlando, FL


“We cannot bring the rain, but we can set out the vessels; we cannot provide the fire, but we can prepare the altar.“

Gabriel Salguero



Following are some additional items to remind you of today’s session.

Source: Alliance News Feed – Alliance Council 2019 Friday

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