Alliance News Feed – Alliance Council 2019 Wednesday

After a series of encouraging reports during the Wednesday morning service about God at work among the Alliance family, John Stumbo walked us through a timeline highlighting some of the significant changes our family has experienced together over the past 50 years. He then turned to others on the stage and said, “Respond to what you just heard.” Kelvin Walker, superintendent of the Metropolitan District, vice chair of the C&MA Board, and morning service worship leader answered.

“Movements were never intended to be monuments,” Kelvin responded. “And when movements become monuments, they become edifices of brick and mortar that crumble and fade away. God has not called us to be a monument. God is continually calling us to be a movement—and this next phase of change is about movement.”

With that, John launched what he described as a two-year discussion about some changes he believes God is prompting our Christ-centered, Acts 1:8 family to consider— addressing the language we use to describe ourselves, our theology, and the way we conduct our ministry in this era of human history—that could ultimately help determine our effectiveness as one of God’s end-times families.

John notes, “Living organizations have to take a step back and ask, ‘Are we doing what we need to do to the best of our ability with the fewest barnacles attached to the ship to be a forward-moving, mission-advancing, kingdom-declaring body of believers with as few things slowing us down as possible?’” John urged us to assume good intent of one another as we enter into these discussions from diverse perspectives. “Family, would we learn to trust and stand with each other? [Can we] not assume someone who disagrees with us is automatically in the heretical category?”

“I raised the corporate blood pressure by announcing it’s a season of change,” admits John. “As I launch into a new season of conversation, [I pray] we can show the world how to disagree in a gracious manner.”

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“Ethnic diversity is not a social justice issue; it is a Kingdom of God and gospel issue.”

Bryan Loritts, Pastor of Abundant Life Christian
Fellowship, Silicon Valley, CA


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Source: Alliance News Feed – Alliance Council 2019 Wednesday

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