Alliance News Feed – Alliance Workers Reflect on the Thanksgiving Season

Norma V. (Mexico)

I’m most thankful for the privilege of serving and being part of [The Alliance], which is all about taking the good news to nations and peoples who have not heard it yet. And I am grateful that I get to tell the stories of the fruit God has produced as a result of His faithfulness through His people.

Connie S. (Balkans)

This year I feel thankful for so many things! I’m thankful for time with family and friends while I’m on home assignment and friends in the country I serve who stepped up to help me move out of my apartment. I’m grateful that God has taken me to new places in my relationship with Him and continues to teach me how to follow Him more fully—even though I still mess up.

I’m thankful for the C&MA family—the sense of belonging that I enjoy when I’m with them and for their sacrificial giving to the Great Commission Fund that enables me to serve.

Kristen Cagwin (Germany)

My husband and I are thankful for how our kids are adjusting and how our family is doing as a whole on our first home assignment. We don’t take it for granted given all the transition recently, so we thank God for His presence and kindness to us this year.

Anonymous (Africa)

I’m most thankful this year that a young believer, Edna*, is now reading Scripture with me. Edna told me she feels that reading the Bible with me is a way for her to discipline herself to read the Bible because she has neglected it. As a bonus, I’m also learning Bible vocabulary and proper pronunciation in this language.

Each time we meet, I can tell that Edna needs a listening ear. On one occasion, after listening to Edna share about her struggles in life, I felt compelled to encourage Edna that we are loved and significant to God even if people do not love us nor see us as important. Edna thanked me and said she needed to hear this truth.

Please pray that Edna will grow in her faith and remember how much God loves and values her. Intercede also for our reading time that we will both learn and grow.

Maritza Cumba (Panama)

This year my three biological sisters and my cousin visited me in Panama. It was a dream come true that my family knew my world, my ministry, and my people, and I’m so thankful to God for it.

Anonymous (Europe)

My wife and I have been privileged to host new worker families who have arrived and have been looking for housing in our city. After language study, they will be starting a new initiative among immigrants. We are thankful to God for providing a great house to host and for the opportunity to get to know these people better.

Anonymous (Africa)

I’m thankful for a baby whom God gave to us when our lives had turned upside down from terrorist threats, just prior to going on the field. She made it through all the complications in the womb and in the NICU. She is such a sweet blessing to my husband and me, her sister, and the entire language school.

I am also thankful for the few good friendships we’re developing in this new place and for such supportive friends and family back home who still allow me to be a part of their lives and see the Father at work all over the globe.

Anonymous (Middle East)

I am most thankful for a team that has worked in unity through many significant struggles this past year with one primary goal: to glorify the Lord and make His glory known. Praise to our Father that in His sovereignty, He handpicked this team for such a time as this.

*Name changed

Source: Alliance News Feed – Alliance Workers Reflect on the Thanksgiving Season

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