Alliance News Feed – An Agnostic’s Invite Opens Doors to Share Jesus

by an Alliance international worker serving in Asia

An agnostic friend who teaches at a Christian school invited me to talk to his fourth graders. Most are from Christian backgrounds, but some are nonbelievers. In this country, the term “Christian” often means just another religion. The idea of committing their lives to Jesus is not fully grasped by many people—much like in the United States.

The students asked about life in the United States and my thoughts on hot topics and spiritual matters. One of them asked, “Was there ever a time in your life where you weren’t sure if God is real? Because that’s how I feel right now.” Another said, “I’m not a Christian, and I hate praying because I have to do it in Arabic. I feel like I can’t even tell God what I want because I don’t know how. What does it look like when you pray?”

One child asked, “If God is good, why are there natural disasters? Many people died in an earthquake here. That doesn’t seem like a good God to me. What do you think?” Yet another asked, “Why doesn’t God answer my prayers?”

As I answered their questions, I shared honestly about my own times of doubt. “Although following Jesus is hard, at the end of the day I wouldn’t trade my relationship with Him for the world,” I told them. Pray that He will move in their hearts to draw them to Himself.

Source: Alliance News Feed – An Agnostic’s Invite Opens Doors to Share Jesus

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