Alliance News Feed – An Update from West Africa

In the article, “Don’t Give Up on Praying for the Lost,” I described how I was encouraged after years of sharing Jesus with a young West African friend of mine, Sam*. Here’s a quick update to that story.

The night Sam decided to pray in Jesus’ name, which I’d challenged him to do, he had a dream in which a man—bright as light—appeared to him and told him to stand up. In his dream, Sam stood up, and at that very moment, he awoke.

The dream was troubling, because Sam didn’t understand its significance. During a brief visit, I was able to encourage him. I recounted testimonies from the Bible and from other believers who have had visions and dreams in which Jesus has appeared as light.

Please pray that Jesus will continue to reveal Himself to Sam and that he will be emboldened to follow His Savior.

*Name changed

Source: Alliance News Feed – An Update from West Africa

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