Alliance News Feed – Buddhist Preschool Opens Doors to Evangelism

by Sarah Neigenfind, an Alliance international worker serving in Thailand

Recently, my husband, Keith, and I were driving around our new neighborhood with our toddler, Margaret. We were asking God to lead us to new divine connections. That’s when we came across a little Buddhist preschool.

School has seemed out of the question for Margaret, just two and a half, since preschools here are expensive. But she is a social little girl, so when we saw this preschool, we stopped to chat with the headmaster, Asha*, about sending Margaret there twice a week. She could meet some friends, play, and learn.

Divine Connections

As we were wrapping up our conversation, we asked Asha about her life. It turns out her son was born in Seattle—in the exact same hospital where Keith was born. This formed an immediate bond between us. We even got to speak with her son later that day.

Sarah Neigenfind teaches an English class for preschoolers (Photo courtesy of the author).

Asha soon told us she was open to having Margaret at school just two days a week. She even offered to comp our tuition if I taught English to the students for an hour or so on the days Margaret attends.

“I am willing to do this,” I replied. “But we are Christian missionaries, so I am going to share about Jesus with your kids. Is that OK?” She agreed, and I started teaching there the following week.

I soon made a connection with the school’s full-time English teacher, a believer from the Philippines. She has laid a great foundation for sharing the gospel by singing Christian songs with the kids. It has been great to work with her to shine the light of Jesus in this Buddhist school.

Keith and I are overwhelmed by the connections we have made with Asha, her son, and this English teacher. We never could have done it on our own. The Lord is obviously preparing our path. Even Asha said she felt that God had sent our family to her.

Please pray with us that the Lord will use this divine connection to impact our community here for His Kingdom.

*Name changed

Source: Alliance News Feed – Buddhist Preschool Opens Doors to Evangelism

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