Update on Dayton, Ohio, Tornado Relief Efforts

Alliance News Feed – Update on Dayton, Ohio, Tornado Relief Efforts

Ten counties in Ohio are reeling after 21 tornadoes touched down the evening of Memorial Day and wreaked havoc throughout the following morning.

Ms. Stewart, an 89-year-old grandmother, was inside her house when a tornado touched down in her neighborhood. All she could do was lay on the ground and pray. God protected her, as the only room that remains today is the one she was in that night.

Stewart is the neighbor of Alliance pastor, Rev. Darrico Murray of Faith Life Church. His own newly purchased home, which is six minutes away from his church, was severely damaged in the same tornado. Watch him describe the devastation.


The C&MA Ohio Valley District and CAMA partnered to provide local Alliance churches with thousands of dollars in gift cards for families in their communities.  Pastor Murray and a few of his neighbors  delivered many of these cards door-to-door—and Ms. Stewart was one of the recipients.

“I have been impressed with the amount of love that has been shown,” notes Pastor Murray. “Churches have come from far away to trim branches, clean up debris, and help families to get water, supplies, and food. The face of the church has shown the love of Christ.”

As Rev. Ron Ballard, pastor of Christ Community Bible Alliance Church in northwest Dayton, was out delivering gift cards in his community, one grateful recipient broke down and cried, “Hallelujah!”

“It’ll take a couple months to clean up the mess that surrounds us, but it will probably take a couple years to rebuild Dayton,” says Pastor Ballard. “So we still need your help, and we still need your prayers.” See his appeal for ongoing help.

The community is rejoicing this week with announcement from Ohio Governor Mike DeWine that counties impacted by the tornadoes and severe storms will receive federal assistance. But Alliance churches in the Dayton area realize that won’t be enough for every family to fully rebuild.

“We don’t take this lightly, because we also want to share the gospel,” Pastor Ballard said. “This is the mission of The Christian and Missionary Alliance.”

Ron Wende, recently appointed as the part-time Ohio Valley District Disaster Response Coordinator, will lead recovery efforts over the next several months. He will be working with local Alliance pastors to identify families who were most severely impacted by the tornadoes and organize work teams to help meet those needs.

Your gifts will go a long way in helping our Dayton-area Alliance family demonstrate the love of Jesus in word and deed to those in their communities who have suffered damage and loss.


Source: Alliance News Feed – Update on Dayton, Ohio, Tornado Relief Efforts

Dr. Timothy Meier, ATS Alumnus of the Year for Service to the Kingdom of God

Alliance News Feed – Dr. Timothy Meier, ATS Alumnus of the Year for Service to the Kingdom of God

Dr. Tim Meier, C&MA vice president for Development, was presented with the Alumnus of the Year Award for outstanding service to the Kingdom of God during Alliance General Council at the ATS Alumni & Friends Luncheon held on Wednesday, May 29. The graduate of Alliance Theological Seminary (ATS) earned his master of divinity in 2006 and his doctor of ministry with a concentration in Christian leadership in the global context in 2017. He is the former director of Envision, a branch of Alliance Missions that identifies and develops missional leaders through short-term missions experiences and innovative ministry strategies.

Recipients of this award must be ATS graduates and exemplify one or more of the institutional core values of being academically excellent, globally engaged, intentionally diverse, personally transforming, and socially relevant. Criteria for receiving this award are a minimum of 10 years of service, exceptional achievement, and significant contributions in the area of Christian ministry. This award is usually presented at special Alumni Chapels or at Alliance General Council.

Tim (center), flanked by then-Envision peers Kong and Paphoua Hang (left), Sarah Bourns (3rd from right), Jen Schepens (2nd from right), and Tim’s wife, Rachel Meier (right), receives his doctoral degree at the Nyack/ATS graduation in May, 2017. Paphoua and Jen also received their masters of divinity degrees at the graduation ceremony.

From a makeshift classroom on the back of a Broadway stage to today’s online degree programs, extraordinary men and women have chosen to make Nyack and ATS their alma mater. While these institutions’ environments and platforms may have changed, one thing has not—their commitment to Christian higher education and to “inspire students in their spiritual, intellectual and social formation, preparing them for lives of service to Christ and His Church and to society in a way that reflects the Kingdom of God and its ethnic diversity.”

Nyack/ATS graduates go beyond the comfort zone of the familiar and continue to serve Jesus throughout this nation and around the globe.

Source: Alliance News Feed – Dr. Timothy Meier, ATS Alumnus of the Year for Service to the Kingdom of God

C&MA Announces Election of Corporate Vice President, Reelection of Corporate Secretary

Alliance News Feed – C&MA Announces Election of Corporate Vice President, Reelection of Corporate Secretary


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – The Board of Directors for The Christian and Missionary Alliance (the C&MA, The Alliance) in the United States announced the election of Rev. Kelvin L. Walker to the office of corporate vice president during Alliance Council 2019. Because no other nominations were forwarded from the floor, a motion was made to waive balloting, and Kelvin was elected by acclamation—a strong affirmation of the Alliance family’s confidence in his leadership.

Kelvin is a graduate of Simpson Graduate School, Nyack College, and Alliance Theological Seminary (ATS), where he is currently pursuing his DMin. Since January 2019, he has served as the Metropolitan District superintendent. He has recently fulfilled roles as vice-chair of the C&MA Board of Directors and member-at-large of the President’s Cabinet. In May he concluded his three-term tenure as president of the Association of African American Pastors, Consecrated Women, and Licensed Workers of the C&MA. Kelvin has also ministered in various pastoral roles. He is the first African-American to serve as a C&MA corporate officer. He succeeds Rev. Jonathan G. Schaeffer, who fulfilled the maximum term of the office and was honored at Alliance Council 2019 by U.S. Alliance President John Stumbo for his faithful service.

In his nomination speech, Kelvin called the Alliance family to remember our founding purpose as we move into this next era of missions and ministry. “I believe we are in a Kairotic moment,” he noted. “There are opportunities, decisions, and calls that God has laid before us . . . asking, ‘What will you choose?’ Part of that choosing, I believe, is God’s call to us to reach back and bring into wherever He’s leading us the DNA upon which we were founded.”

Also, Steven C. Lausell was reelected corporate secretary by acclamation. Steven is a graduate of Tulane University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Puerto Rico, and ATS. He is the founder and board chairman of Supermercados Máximo, Inc., and has been an attorney, a law clerk to a Puerto Rico Supreme Court justice, and a professor at Nyack College’s Extension Campus in San Juan, P.R. Steven has also served on the Puerto Rico District Executive Committee.

In addition, 13 people were elected to the Board of Directors, and a total of 11 individuals were elected to serve on the following Council committees: the Committee on Rules, the Committee on Theological Issues, and the 2021 Committee on Nominations.

The Alliance is a fellowship of more than 6 million evangelical believers worldwide, with 2,000 U.S. churches, dedicated to fulfilling Christ’s command to make disciples of all nations. The Alliance has a thoroughly evangelical doctrinal statement and encourages believers from diverse backgrounds and theological traditions to unite to complete Christ’s Great Commission.



Susan Close

The Christian and Missionary Alliance

Phone: (719) 599-5999

Email: closes@cmalliance.org


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Source: Alliance News Feed – C&MA Announces Election of Corporate Vice President, Reelection of Corporate Secretary



We are thrilled to announce that the $500,000 matching grant challenge for Great Commission Day has been met. As of Friday, June 7, the Alliance family has given $570,000 to the offering, and the generous Alliance donor has released the $500,000 matching gift.

$280,000 of the $570,000 was presented by Alliance churches and individuals who brought their offerings to Alliance Council earlier this month—nearly doubling what was offered at Council 2017.

Thank you, Alliance family! Your generosity has unleashed more than $1 million to launch these new workers to live and work among the world’s least reached and most overlooked peoples.

So . . . does that mean we’re done?

The Alliance family has made it clear: WE CAN DO MORE. Even before the matching challenge had been met, God was working in the heart of an Alliance Metropolitan District church that was seeking Him for guidance. Moved by His Spirit and inspired by this historic opportunity, this church was prompted this week to donate $400,000 as a challenge gift for the U.S. Alliance family to give beyond what they believed possible. The church’s pastor writes, “We hope this will encourage Alliance people to ‘be courageous’ and step into the Jordan with us.”

Together, we’re making great progress in proclaiming Jesus where His name has yet to be heard. If God’s Spirit is whispering “we’re not finished,” and you want to accept this church’s challenge to help solidify our sending momentum, give today.


Alliance Council 2019 Saturday

Alliance News Feed – Alliance Council 2019 Saturday

On Saturday we heard from Alliance workers carrying out  Acts 1:8 ministries. In each story—whether in a Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, or ends-of-the earth context—workers expressed doubts about what God was doing—either from the get-go or when things seemed to be going south. Yet, in each case, He remained true to His promise to bring forth fruit through even the most adverse and hopeless circumstances. As God whispered to one international worker who complained that the whole venture He had assigned her and her family was a terrible idea, You’ve not been listening to me. I do terrible ideas really well.

“Without the Holy Spirit, the inward and upper journey is just going to be a hard slog of frustration,” asserted John Stumbo after Gabriel and Jeanette Salguero’s stirring challenge on Friday night. “But with the Spirit,” added Gabriel,“comes fruit, power, knowledge, wisdom,” and everything else The Alliance could ever need to complete our inward and upward trek.

John’s presentation of the “Alliance World Tour 2.0” on Saturday morning quieted any concern that God’s Spirit ever took a break, became distracted, or withheld His power and presence throughout The Alliance’s 132-year-old assignment to take all of Jesus to all the world—further cementing His promise to be with us until the job is done.

The Spirit’s power and presence, however, is promised not only to His front-line workers but to every member of His Body. When doubts arise about our ability to discern God’s voice, carry out His plans—or even to be cherished by Him—He assures us that His ever-watchful Spirit indwells us through thick and thin—guiding and empowering us to be all He’s called us to be and to do all He’s called us to do. I’ll stay with you, I’ll protect you wherever you go, and I’ll bring you back to this very ground. I’ll stick with you until I’ve done everything I promised you (Gen 28:15, MSG).

The Day in Pictures

Seen and Heard

”God posed this question to me: where are you going to place your eyes? On the darkness? Or that I want to use you as for an instrument for my glory?“

“I didn’t know who Moses was, I didn’t know who Abraham was—none of them grew up with me. But I knew Jesus Christ.”

Yoel Magdaleno, Alliance church leader in Cuba


“Hallelujah! An ideology has been torn down by the blood of Jesus.”

Alfredo Gutierrez, Superintendent of the Alliance Southeast


“The fire will fall on our unblemished sacrifice. As we are that sacrifice, the fire of God will fall on us and flow through us to the nations.”

Mitch Kim, Wellspring Alliance Church, Wheaton, IL


“Jesus involves the community. He had them roll away the stone; He had them take off the grave clothes. He speaks the Word and He invites us to go before Him . . . to ask Him . . . to trust Him . . . and stand in amazement at what He does.”
Kelvin Walker, newly elected corporate vice president of The Christian and Missionary Alliance



Following are some additional items to remind you of today’s session.


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    Source: Alliance News Feed – Alliance Council 2019 Saturday

  • 2019 Ballot Election Results

    Alliance News Feed – 2019 Ballot Election Results


    Term: Four Years (2019–2023)
    (ballots waived)
    Rev. Kelvin L. Walker


    Term: Four Years (2019–2023)
    (ballots waived)
    Mr. Steven C. Lausell


    Term: Four Years (2019–2023) or Term: Two Years (2019–2021)*
    (1272 ballots cast—declared election by plurality)

    NA/P/OW — Rev. Tae S. (Ted) Kang — 1149
    NA/OW — Ms. Jennifer K. Ashby, CWM — 1007
    OA/DS/OW — Rev. Thomas George — 998
    NA/P/OW — Dr. Jason H. K. Kim — 962
    OA/IW/OW — Martin — 923
    NA/L — Mr. John A. Thomas — 918
    NA/P/OW — Rev. Scott G. Slocum — 916
    NA/P/OW — Rev. Matthew G. Cohen — 916
    OA/DS/OW — Rev. William W. Malick — 902
    NA/L — Mr. Matthew E. Kelly — 876
    NA/P/OW — Rev. Mark E. Ashton — 869
    NA/P/OW — Rev. A. Andrew Beare — 856
    NA/OW — Rev. Craig S. Smith* — 826
    NA/OW — Mr. James R. Blake* — 803

    Not elected:
    OA/DS/OW — Rev. Jorge Cuevas — 878

    DS = District Superintendent
    E = Educator
    IW = International Worker
    L = Layperson
    NA = Not on Allowance
    OA = On Allowance
    OW = Official Worker
    P = Pastor
    R = Retired


    Term: Four Years (2019–2023)
    (ballots waived)
    Rev. Kenneth L. Cluck
    Rev. Robert B. Goldenberg
    Mr. Douglas P. Parkinson


    Term: Six Years (2019–2025)
    (1272 ballots cast — declared election by two-thirds majority)
    Rev. Terry D. Smith—1100
    Rev. William A. Paul—1054


    Term: Two Years (2019–2021)
    (1272 ballots cast — must include one IW and 2 laypersons)
    Rev. Timothy D. Westergren (IW)—888
    Rev. Kent J. Sovine (OW)—776
    Rev. Paul W. Smith, Kentucky (OW)—701
    Rev. Nathaniel L. San (OW)—633
    Ms. Kathryn Kelly (L)—627
    Mrs. Lori R. Turner (L)—598

    Not Elected:
    Mrs. Stephanie J. Beers (IW)—828
    Rev. T. Edwin Mangham (IW)—806
    Mr. R. D. (Daniel) Calderon (L)—577

    Source: Alliance News Feed – 2019 Ballot Election Results

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