Alliance News Feed – Disillusionment Opens Doors to the Gospel

by an Alliance international worker serving in the Middle East

Disillusionment with the prevailing religious system in our host country seems to be spreading. My wife and I have served here for 15 years, but in the last few years we’ve seen more multiplication of disciples than ever before.

One example is Abu Mohammad*, my close friend from the majority religious group who is now a believer. I recently visited him while his mother was in the hospital before she passed away. As we drank coffee together in the waiting room, Abu Mohammad excitedly told me that God had brought something good out of the sad news of his mother’s rapidly declining health.

Because of their many hours in the hospital together, Abu Mohammad had ample opportunities to talk to his relatives about his faith in Christ. He was surprised by the new openness he was seeing in them after enduring years of emotional and physical abuse at their hands because of his faith.

Abu Mohammad’s father, who had been especially hostile toward him, showed remarkable receptiveness, saying, “I still don’t want you to advertise to everyone what you believe, but my own beliefs about God are growing. I’m not ready to be just like you, but my view of God is changing, and my life has also changed.”

On the first Thursday night after his mother died, the family had a reading for her soul from their holy book. This is a traditional practice of the majority religion to entreat God for the forgiveness of the deceased one’s sins so he or she might get into heaven.

As a follower of Christ, Abu Mohammad did not feel he could participate in this and was concerned that he would be confronted by his family for refusing. But he was encouraged that 15 of his relatives also opted out, enduring scornful stares yet finding solidarity in resisting the ritual together.

One of our dreams is that a large group of Abu Mohammad’s people will come to faith in Christ so more will feel free to follow Him without fear of persecution. Please pray that God will bring a mighty harvest and that the disillusioned will find hope in Christ.

*Name changed

Source: Alliance News Feed – Disillusionment Opens Doors to the Gospel

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