Alliance News Feed – Eyes to See

by an Alliance worker couple serving int the Middle East 

“What is the Trinity? How do you know the Bible is true? He has more power and authority than other prophets—I want Him in my life!”

These are the words of our local friends whom God has brought into our lives. Through our interactions with them, He has given us eyes to see Him at work in our city. As we hold teacher trainings, teach adult English classes, sit around the table with artisans making jewelry, and chat over coffee in our living room or around a bonfire in our backyard, God is making Himself known and pursuing these dear friends of ours whom He longs to bring into His family.

The more we live out this holistic ministry to which He’s called us, the more we see how multifaceted people are and how the body, mind, and spirit are all connected. God wants to redeem His creation, and that redemption flows into every area of life—affecting all segments of society. Our presence here is more than a platform to share God’s Word verbally—it is living in authentic relationship with those He came to restore to Himself.

Pray for His Kingdom to come in us, our team, and our local community to reconcile every part of this society to Himself. Pray for a great movement of God to break out.

Source: Alliance News Feed – Eyes to See

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