Alliance News Feed – February 24 is Church Planting Sunday

Every church plant has a unique story—including yours. Have you ever stopped to wonder where you might be if someone had not answered God’s call to plant the church you now call home?

Imagine the lives of those sitting beside you—would they have come to know the riches we find in Jesus? Imagine your community—would it be the same without the bright light of your church’s presence? Consider the Alliance workers throughout the world that your church helped send through its prayers and financial support. If they had never been sent, how many more of the world’s people would still lack access to the good news and be facing a hopeless existence and a Christless eternity?


The Alliance plants churches because Jesus wants to make Himself known to those who need Him most—the lost, hurting, and overlooked. If you sense God nudging you to become a part of a church-planting effort, use these resources to find out how you can get involved in this Kingdom movement and celebrate Church Planting Sunday for a few minutes in your church service.

Bulletin Insert

Download a church-planting insert for use in your church’s Sunday bulletin.

Download English Insert
Download Spanish Insert


Share the story of New Hope Community Church detailed in the article Worth the Risk, or watch the video and download for use during your church service.

Download English Video
Download Spanish Video


Visit the Alliance Church-Planting website for some great print and video resources to help your church discover:

  • How The Alliance started as a church plant
  • How your church is already involved in planting
  • How our Acts 1:8 values are being lived out through planting
  • Where the church plants in your district are taking place
  • How to interact with and pray for a church planter during your worship service
  • 10 Ways to Help a Church Plant/Planter
  • What a Greenhouse church is and how your church can become one

Source: Alliance News Feed – February 24 is Church Planting Sunday

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