Alliance News Feed – Freedom through Surrender to Jesus

by Sue Danneker, an Alliance international worker serving in Thailand

Praise God! Seven people were baptized recently at a joint service with our mother church, Mahapawn Living Water Church, and our congregation in Baan Paeo. The baptismal service was held at a community swimming pool.

Here are some of the testimonies of how God moved in the lives of these precious brothers and sisters in Christ from Baan Paeo.

Freedom from Addiction

The group to be baptized with Pastor Sukprasan (far right) (Photo courtesy of Sue Danneker)

“I never thought I would be happy. I cried all the time,” Samruay shared with me a few weeks ago. Her husband, Sunun, had been addicted to alcohol for more than 30 years. He gave his life to Christ in March 2016, asking us to pray that Jesus would deliver him from the addiction. Sunun’s freedom came in July 2016, and he has not touched alcohol since.

Samruay told how she had watched in astonishment as Sunan started growing in Christ. She would often join his weekly discipleship time with my husband, Ed. By October 2016, Samruay was ready to trust in Jesus too.

“I believe God is real. I don’t cry anymore. Jesus has really helped me,” she joyfully proclaimed the day of her baptism.

Answered Prayers

In February 2016, Nok and her husband, Rung, were invited to our Wednesday cell group at Nun’s hair salon, where we hosted the gatherings. “My sister invited me to come and see how these strange foreigners chant,” Nok said at her baptism.

Nok and Rung attended the group several times but decided they weren’t interested in continuing. But when Nun told them how God had been answering her prayers, the couple decided to try the group again—and start praying to God. By Christmas 2016, they came to faith in Christ. “We have seen God answer our prayers over and over,” Nok said. “Before, my life was full of worry and anxiety,” Rung said. “I always felt like I did not have enough time for everything. But now God has helped me with my use of time. I love Him with all my heart. Now I am a child of God!”

“I Won’t Turn Back”

“I have seen my life change,” Mui testified at her baptism. “I love Jesus, and I won’t turn back.” (Photo courtesy of Sue Danneker)

Another baptism candidate, a college student named Mui, came to the church last August at the invitation of a church member. She had been a believer for about a year but had never been discipled or baptized.

When she was in Baan Paeo on school breaks, Mui eagerly studied with Sue. “I started to believe in God because of problems in my family,” Mui told the congregation the day of her baptism. “I was so angry and wanted to get revenge. My older brother, who had become a Christian, invited me to pray. I still have problems, but now I can forgive others. I have seen my life change. I love Jesus, and I won’t turn back.”

The Prodigal Son

Mayta (center) first came to the church in Baan Paeo after seeing the church’s sign. (Photo courtesy of Sue Danneker)

Mayta came to the church in September last year after noticing our church sign. He had been away from the Lord for 10 years but wanted to start over. Mayta had never been discipled or baptized, so we asked our colleague, Brian Lindsay, to follow up with him.

Eight of Mayta’s family members traveled several hours to join him in celebrating his baptism. Many of them are strong Christians and were thrilled that Mayta is walking with the Lord again.

“My life has had many obstacles, but God hasn’t left me. I have joy in the midst of my problems, because I have God,” he said.

Please pray that each of the seven will continue to grow strong in their faith.

Watch this video to see clips from the service.

Source: Alliance News Feed – Freedom through Surrender to Jesus

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