Alliance News Feed – Good News for Kris

by Brian Lindsay, who serves with The Alliance in Thailand

My wife, Abby, and I are thankful for what’s becoming a common sight for us: people coming to church whom we’ve never met. That’s how we connected with Kris* several weeks ago. This 14-year-old was teaching another teen, Belle, to play basketball. In what’s become a natural part of her everyday life, Belle—a new believer—shared her faith while they played.

It wasn’t long before Kris prayed to receive Christ. For the next two weeks he was in church whenever the doors were open, even attending Evangelism Explosion classes.


But the change in Kris didn’t go unnoticed by his Buddhist family, who were dubious of Christianity. They were also concerned that foreigners were brainwashing him. Kris’s uncle and aunt, with whom the family shares a home, yelled and cursed at the boy, saying he would be unwelcome there if he left the Buddhist faith.

Kris, in a green and gray shirt, and another new believer are prayed for by the church’s Bible student intern. (Photo courtesy of the Lindsays)

Kris’s father, who at first had been indifferent to Kris’s desire to attend church, was soon soured by the other relatives. He began to pressure Kris not to attend.

Knowing his family members were unhappy with his decision to follow Jesus, Kris was unsure of what to do. One of our colleagues advised him not to argue with his family about going to church. Instead, she encouraged him to honor his father and wait until he gave Kris permission to attend.

A Good Son

Through his obedience, Kris showed his family that Jesus was helping him to be a good son. We encouraged Kris to study his Bible at home and said we would pray for God to change his family members’ hearts.

Sure enough, God answered! Last Saturday, a group of Thai church members studying Evangelism Explosion visited Kris and his family and shared the gospel with them.

After they heard the good news for themselves from Thai believers, the family agreed to allow Kris to follow his new faith. Not only that—Kris’s grandmother also prayed to receive Jesus as her Savior that day. Again, we praise the Lord for how He continues to raise up Thai people to reach the Thai!

Intercede for Kris as he begins his new journey with Christ. Pray that his family will continue to be supportive of his new faith. Also, pray for me as I meet weekly with Kris and the two other teenagers in our church, Belle and Manow, to study the Scriptures together.

*Name changed

Source: Alliance News Feed – Good News for Kris

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