Alliance News Feed – “I Know God Wants to Heal Me”

by Esther Schaeffer, an Alliance international worker serving in Burkina Faso, West Africa

“Kaia is so changed and giving glory to God!” Esther says. (Photo courtesy of the author)

Cancer was not the diagnosis Kaia* expected. This young mom and her husband, Jai, lived in a squatter area of our city. They were new believers who had just begun attending a nearby Alliance church.

The family asked their pastor for prayer; they also went to the hospital for Kaia’s recommended follow-up treatments. But before long, their money was gone. That’s when Kaia and Jai showed up at our home asking for help.

Kaia was thin and listless; because of the family’s lack of funds, she had gone untreated for many months. Her prognosis was not good. But I took hold of Kaia’s hand and began to intercede for her.

When we finished praying, Kaia looked up at me and said, “I know God wants to heal me—I know that He wants me to be a mother to my child.”

A few months later my husband, Andrew, was asked to preach at this couple’s little church on the outskirts of our city. What a surprise to see Kaia so changed and giving glory to God!

Even the doctors are amazed by her healthy condition and have not scheduled any further treatment.

We don’t know why some are delivered from illness and others are not. We don’t understand His ways. But we do know that the Lord Jesus heals—He is the same yesterday, today, and forever (see Hebrews 13:8).

*Names changed

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Jesus Our Healer” was written by the late managing editor for Alliance Life magazine, Melinda Smith Lane. “. . . He longs to see us made whole,” she said. “And every time He intervenes in our lives—whether physically, emotionally or spiritually—He brings the glory to God the Father.”

Melinda succumbed to cancer in February 2016 and is now whole and complete in Jesus’ arms.

Source: Alliance News Feed – “I Know God Wants to Heal Me”

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