Alliance News Feed – “I Think God Can Forgive That”

Adapted from a report by an Alliance international worker serving in West Africa

Working with followers of the majority religion here is hard. Many we encounter are unreceptive to the good news; those who decide to take the Jesus road are few and far between.

Since this can get discouraging, our wise colleagues have challenged us to think about what a “win” looks like in our context.

So in our outreach to more than 200 at-risk young adults in this city, we’ve been keeping our eyes open to observe little things that reveal how God is working. Here’s a Kingdom “win” I want to share with you and also ask for your prayers.

A Loaded Question

Earlier this month, we honored the female members of our student center at our celebration of International Women’s Day. About 30 attended the festivities.

Our colleague, a nurse in an interior village, was the guest speaker. She spoke about women’s health and addressed the issue of abortion.

“Do you think God can forgive a woman who has aborted her unborn child?” she asked the group.

A couple of women replied, “No, I don’t think so, because that woman has committed murder, and that is against God’s law.”

He Loves Us So Much

Then, one of the attendees—Mary*, who has been a member of our center for about three years—spoke up and said, “Yes, I think God can forgive that, because He loves us so much!”

I smiled as I thought about how Mary’s viewpoint has changed since coming to the center. She has heard the message of God’s love here, and she has experienced it firsthand.

Mary is also one who has been reading the Bible for herself. Her heart is changing—little by little—and He is drawing her to Himself. This is a win for God’s Kingdom!

Please join us in praying for Mary—and the other young people at our center—to count the cost and take the bold first step of committing themselves to follow Jesus.

*Name changed

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Source: Alliance News Feed – “I Think God Can Forgive That”

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