Alliance News Feed – Indonesia Earthquake: The Alliance Response

CAMA Services (a.k.a. Compassion and Mercy Associates) is partnering with The Alliance in Indonesia (the GKII) to respond to victims of the devastating 6.9 earthquake that struck off the Indonesian island of Lombok earlier this month. At this writing, the death toll is between 300 and 400. Thousands are displaced, living under tarps, traumatized and frightened. Also, 20,000 people are in need of immediate help. Since the first earthquake, another 6.2 quake was registered in the same area.

Indonesian locals are living under tarps after the devastation of the earthquake.

CAMA has pledged to provide assistance. Those who wish to contribute can give online or mark their gifts “CAMA Relief Funds–Lombok United” and send them to the C&MA National Office.

Yayasan Kemah Peduli Indoneisa (YKPI, the GKII relief and development foundation), together with C&MA, has sent a member to begin assessment of the situation. The local GKII district superintendent is assessing damage to churches and local parishioners′ homes, determining how these fellowships can meet the needs of their communities.

On August 12, CAMA established a distribution base to send relief supplies to those in crisis. Early this week, a team of experienced relief workers will fly to Lombok. They will work with local GKII leaders/pastors and the YKPI volunteers to identify people in need near GKII fellowships, partnering with YKPI colleagues and coaching them in a unified effort to reach their neighbors.

Local relief workers are already on the ground with whom the team may partner. It is the team’s desire to serve well so there can be a long-term presence and solid witness during the current relief/rehabilitation stages and in the years to come.

“God is at work in amazing ways,” writes one CAMA worker. “Thank you for your prayers for help, wholeness, healing, and a harvest for these people.”

Please pray earnestly for needed supplies, efficient transportation of them, daily/hourly wisdom, strong partnerships, team unity, daily rest, health, and lasting Kingdom impact.

Source: Alliance News Feed – Indonesia Earthquake: The Alliance Response

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