Alliance News Feed – Miracle Worker

by Martha*, an Alliance international worker serving in Europe

After my husband, John, returned from the Regional Alliance World Fellowship Conference and a good, full week of serving, he was exhausted. Happy to be back home, he got off the plane, leaving his bag with his passport and keys on board.

He realized this when he was just about home, so he decided to drop off his luggage and then return to the airport to find out how to retrieve the bag.

Lost passport. Those words are enough to produce a good amount of panic—even more so with an upcoming appointment to sort out our daughter’s legal documents and John’s trip to the United States the following week.

After writing an email and talking to several people, there was nothing left to do but return home and go to sleep. Nothing could be done until the next day.

The following morning, which was Sunday, we heard our son, Jeremiah, singing “Way Maker,” which we often sing at church. He kept repeating this verse: “Miracle worker, miracle worker, miracle worker. That is who You are.” We told Jeremiah what had happened with John’s bag and explained that we really needed God to do a miracle for us. Jeremiah prayed, along with many in the Alliance family.

After church, John headed back to the airport. He showed a picture of the bag to an employee at the lost and found, and she immediately recognized it. “Yes! We just got that bag 20 minutes ago!” Everything was still there. In less than 24 hours, John had his bag and passport in hand.

John told Jeremiah the good news. In simple childlike faith, our son said, “Of course. We asked God to do a miracle, and He did.”

Friends, how many times do we hesitate to ask because we don’t think God will answer? Yet how many times do we read in Scripture that He hears us when we pray—and restores what is lost? If He does it for a missing passport, how much more will He do it for a lost person? Pray with us that God will show us the next one in the weeks to come.

*Names changed

Source: Alliance News Feed – Miracle Worker

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