Alliance News Feed – Miracles in Tough Times

By Dr. Jeff and Amy Lane, serving at the Alliance-affiliated Bongolo Hospital in Gabon, central Africa

It’s been tough at the hospital these last few months. We do our best with the limited resources we have, and many times we can help people dramatically. But right now, many patients are dying.

We are at the height of malaria season. Our pediatric ward is overwhelmed—children are arriving too late to save and dying in front of our eyes. Pregnant women are showing up having been in labor for two to three days. Many times, it’s too late to save the child.

We have had a few older patients die in the evening after undergoing straightforward surgeries and uncomplicated recoveries. African friends and colleagues have lost loved ones to illness. It’s been tough.

Despite the tragedies, we do see God performing miracles. One happened just the other day. A pregnant woman arrived from the regional hospital—she and her baby were in trouble. She was about two hours away for an emergency cesarean section and had gone into labor and ruptured her uterus.

It Looked Bleak

We performed the emergency surgery, and when the baby was delivered, it looked bleak. The child was motionless, without color, had no pulse, and was not breathing. We immediately began to resuscitate the baby. After about 30 seconds the little boy’s heart started pumping, but he would not breathe.

We continued to breathe for the baby. At about 20 minutes after delivery, we were considering stopping our efforts. In fact, most medical experts say it’s okay to stop at this point.

We prayed. Just then, the baby took a breath . . . then another . . . then another. Soon he was breathing regularly on his own. His heart continued to beat normally. His color improved.

Okay, his heart and lungs were working, but how about his brain? we wondered.

A Marvelous Cry

Then, the miracle continued—he let out a marvelous cry of life. He opened his eyes. He started moving. He even grabbed the finger of our pediatrician. He continued to cry loudly! Nurses, doctors, and ancillary personnel in the operating room area joined him in praise!

This was truly a miracle.

A few days later both mom and baby were doing well. We continue to pray for this baby’s recovery and development. God has something in store for him.

We thank God for miracles like this in tough times. There have been others. It keeps us going. We know God is in control. Praise Him for his goodness. Praise Him for miracles.

But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).

Source: Alliance News Feed – Miracles in Tough Times

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