Alliance News Feed – Pray for Guatemalans Affected by Volcanic Eruption

“We thank you for your concern and prayers for Guatemala,” said Rev. Marco Antonio Rodriguez, president of The Alliance in Guatemala. “We are grateful to the Lord that our Alliance churches have not been affected nor have major consequences from the eruption of the Fuego volcano, although the danger is still a concern in places surrounding the volcano.

“One of our churches, Galilee village church of Guadalupe El Zapote Escuintla, is located exactly in the volcanic line. Pastor José Luis Ordoñez has kept us duly informed of the emergency situation that remains in the high-risk area.”

At this writing, the death toll is 69 and expected to rise. At least 500 have been injured, and more than 2 million people have been affected in some way.

“Our church in San Lucas has opened a collection center to receive the necessary aid for the victims in the places surrounding the Fuego volcano,” said Rev. Rodriguez. “The volcano continues its activity with less intensity, but the risk of flooding remains because we are in the winter and there is a large amount of volcanic sand above, which can be washed away by the rain currents, which will cause rivers to overflow.”

Please pray

  • That those who are trapped will soon be rescued
  • For God’s comfort for people who have lost loved ones
  • For provision for those who have lost homes and property
  • That the people of Guatemala will turn to Jesus during this time of crisis

Source: Alliance News Feed – Pray for Guatemalans Affected by Volcanic Eruption

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