Alliance News Feed – Rejoicing in Small Beginnings

by Steve Irvin, an Alliance international worker serving in Spain

When my wife, Claudia, and I moved here in January, our meetings with neighbors were limited to serendipitous encounters in the elevator. But when summer arrived and the pool opened, we discovered that many of our neighbors would sit and talk together in folding chairs in the shade while the children played.

We considered how we could become a part of that informal fellowship, and Claudia decided to make three batches of brownies. We went outside that evening, asking people young and old to help us decide which was the best recipe. Everyone joined in.

Soon afterward, we bought a couple of folding chairs and started to join the group most nights of the week. We also prayed for open doors to share Christ.

That same evening, we were invited to a birthday party for one of the children. While we were mingling, one man, Joe*, asked, “Are you a pastor?”

We have been open with people that I am a Bible institute professor, but this was the first time anyone had ever asked me directly about my role. “Yes, I am an evangelical pastor,” I said.

“In my home country, I was raised as an evangelical, but since coming to Spain several years ago, I haven’t been part of a church,” Joe replied.

I was preaching the next Sunday, so I invited him. For the first time since we moved to Spain in 2013, one of our neighbors joined with us in a church service. I preached the Word, and afterward, Joe told me that God had spoken to his heart through the message.

The Bible tells us not to despise small beginnings, as God rejoices to see the work begin (see Zechariah 4:10). This may seem like a small step to some, but to us, it’s huge. Please pray with us that the Lord will not only work in Joe’s life but also continue opening doors for us to share the gospel with many of our neighbors whom we have come to care and pray for.

*Name changed

Source: Alliance News Feed – Rejoicing in Small Beginnings

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