Alliance News Feed – The Day of Salvation

by Norma, an Alliance international worker serving in Mexico

It was Friday morning about a year ago. I awoke with a start, and these words popped into my mind: “This is the day of salvation!”

As I sipped my morning coffee, I wondered why my first thought of the day had been 2 Corinthians 6:2.

Worth My Time?

Then, God reminded me that I had asked Him if the time I spent Thursdays reading the Word and praying with Mary*, who attends our community prayer group, was a good investment.

Along with my teammate Judy, the only other believer in the group, I had shared with Mary the way to know God through Jesus. We had prayed for her husband’s health crisis, and the Lord miraculously answered our prayers.

We walked with her through the death of her mother.

Norma, an Alliance international worker, faithfully shared Christ with a member of her prayer group for more than a year.

For more than a year, I met with Mary individually to answer her questions and just listen to her life story. She constantly challenged the notion that God loves everyone and wants all people to have the chance to know Him, even those who cause others pain. “That’s not fair!” she would argue.

Mary also couldn’t believe an all-powerful God would allow the suffering and injustice she saw and not do anything to stop it. And how could we be sure the Bible is true and not just some story?

Was it worth it? I wondered. Is it time to pull back? I was tired and doubted Mary would ever let God into her life.

But wait . . . Could it be that God had answered my prayer—that today Mary would finally understand the good news and receive Him as Savior?


I became more and more excited as I dressed quickly for our weekly encounter, tucking my Bible into my backpack. While walking the 10 blocks to the subway station where I would meet up with Judy, I prayed that Mary’s heart would be open.

When I saw Judy, I told her about what I felt God was telling me that morning. “Do you think Mary is ready to hear and receive the good news today?” I asked. “Would you like to share it with her one more time and see what happens?”

Judy’s face lit up with anticipation and excitement. She too had been praying for over a year that Mary would decide to give her life to Jesus. As we walked together to her apartment, we prayed.

I listened as Judy explained once again how to have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. When she asked if Mary would like to pray to receive Him, she said YES! I could hardly believe what I heard.

That was the day of salvation for Mary! Praise God!

*Names changed

Source: Alliance News Feed – The Day of Salvation

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