Alliance News Feed – The Enemy Lost Another

by an Alliance international worker serving in Uruguay

The hill where Alejandro lives

In late March, my teammate Michael* and I visited Alejandro, a terminal cancer patient—according to the doctors. We have seen him on his death bed several times over the past few years only to see God’s people rally in prayer and plead for Alejandro’s body and soul.

Every time, he has come through enough to be out of immediate danger. And each time, we have shared Jesus with him. Alejandro always declined and said his general belief in God was all he needed.

The Sunday before Michael and I visited, there were torrential downpours, and Alejandro’s home was hit hard. He wrote to me asking for help, so we gathered some clothes, sheets, and food to bring him. When we arrived, we noticed Alejandro had lost a lot of weight and looked more frail.

We sat for several hours in his house, which is more like a tin shack. He talked, and we listened. It felt like we were talking to Job, but a Job with no real faith.

I was reminded by the Holy Spirit that in the midst of the rain, our Sunday morning gathering had been about Job. I retold the story to Alejandro as best I could. Then I turned the attention to Jesus and His gospel. I asked the question I had asked so many times: would he accept Jesus as his Savior? Alejandro replied with the same answer he always gave us.

Holy-Spirit Boldness

The author with Alejandro, his friend and now brother in Christ

In that moment a boldness from the Holy Spirit came over me. I told him that a general belief isn’t enough. Even the demons believe in God, and they won’t spend eternity with Him. I told him there is only one way—one door through which all men must pass to have eternal life. That door is Jesus.

I asked again if Alejandro would accept this gift of salvation. He looked at me and said with full sincerity that he would. We prayed together, and Alejandro called on Christ to be his Savior.

When we left, Michael and I were filled with wonder, and tears streamed down our faces. As we drove home, we remembered God’s faithfulness, the multitude of prayers, the hours spent loving Alejandro and his family. So much had happened in these past few years. A man whose heart was hardened against the gospel was softened, and he accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior.

Thank you for rejoicing with us and with the angels in heaven. Pray for Alejandro and his family—that his faith decision will transform their lives. Pray also for many more in Uruguay who have yet to hear the life-giving message of Jesus. Give us more, Jesus, for Your glory.

*Names changed

Source: Alliance News Feed – The Enemy Lost Another

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