Alliance News Feed – The Harvest Is Ripe, but the Workers Are Few

Based on an update by Syna Lao, an Alliance international worker serving in Cambodia

God is doing something amazing at Srae Nouy Alliance* church! Located in Anlong Veng province, one of Cambodia’s spiritually dark areas, the congregation continues to see miraculous healings and people being set free from evil spirits.

This happens so frequently that word has spread among unbelievers in the community. Curious people began to drop by to see these wonders for themselves. As a result, Pastor Dy, who shepherds the congregation, reported that more than 70 people attended the church service one Sunday. Attendance had doubled!

Among the new visitors were six adult women, ages 21–78, who are relatives. For generations, all the females of this family had suffered under severe curses and bondages from evil spirits.

That Old Black Magic

Marta,* the grandmother, used to practice black magic and had made a living as a fortune teller. Although she no longer does those things, she and the entire family still experienced chronic headaches, slurred speech, and many unexplained bodily pains.

Mr. Raa (in blue) uses his vehicle to take new believers to Srae Nouy Alliance church. The five women to the far right are among the six who prayed for and received prayer for deliverance from demonic oppression. (Photo courtesy of Syna Lao)

Among the four younger women, one is mute while another constantly laughs and talks nonsense. All six ladies had various visible and nonvisible symptoms.

During a Sunday service, when it was time to pray for healing, Marta and her 59-year-old daughter, Leta, went forward to ask for prayer. The church leaders approached them to lay hands on and pray for them.

Marta had suffered chronic pain in her left arm for more than 30 years. She had to keep it bent to have relief. After receiving prayer, she was finally able to straighten her arm.

Completely Freed

Leta, who had suffered a chronic headache her entire life, said, “No medicine can help me!”

But after the church leaders prayed for her, the headache was no more. As the church members continued to intercede for Leta, she passed out twice and awoke smiling and completely freed. Pastor Dy concluded that at least two evil spirits had come out of her. The four younger women also asked for and received prayer.

As a result of her deliverance and learning about the freedom found in Christ, Leta’s husband gave his life to Jesus. Although the other four women haven’t been back, Marta, Leta, and her husband continue to attend the church when they can get a ride. Pastor Dy reported that their newfound faith is genuine.

Soeuth teaches a village ministry discipleship class. (Photo courtesy of Syna Lao)

The field is ripe in Anlong Veng, and we are experiencing an abundant harvest season! As stories of healings and miracles continue to spread, curious “not-yet-believing” friends and neighbors are flooding into village churches every week in every village just to “check it out.” Some of these people dropped by and then left, but many stayed for the entire service.

As a result, the number of those attending Sunday services or classes have doubled or tripled! Mainly women attend services here, but men have started to come to church and Bible classes as well.

Expectation, Anticipation

As my husband, Soeuth, and I continue with our weekly discipleship classes in the villages, our students come with expectation and anticipation to hear God’s words. People are asking for new classes, but we can do only so much with just the two of us. If we had more time and extra helping hands, we could easily start two or three new classes in each village! Please continue to bring this need to the throne and ask the Lord of the harvest to send us more workers.

What You Can Do

This year, 60 new clergy, vocational, and community development positions have opened in some of the world’s most spiritually desolate places—including countries like Cambodia. Your gift to the Alliance Year-End Offering will send more workers among people who desperately need the redemption, healing, and restoration only Jesus can offer.

*The congregation is part of the Khmer Evangelical Church, the C&MA in Cambodia.

*Names changed

Source: Alliance News Feed – The Harvest Is Ripe, but the Workers Are Few

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