Alliance News Feed – Two Alliance Districts Prepare to Provide Relief after Hurricane Michael

Since Hurricane Michael touched ground in the evening of October 10, The Alliance Southeast District and the Southern District have been working to assess the massive amounts of damage created by this storm. This hurricane is the third most intense to hit the United States in terms of pressure and the fourth strongest in terms of wind speed.

Forgotten Coast Community Church is serving as a distribution center for Hurricane Michael (Photo courtesy of Forgotten Coast Community Church).

Alfredo Gutierrez, The Alliance Southeast District superintendent, reported that a church plant on St. George Island is preparing to be a distribution center for the island as many people are stuck because they are without gas and supplies. CAMA Services and district staff will be working together to set up a response team.

Forgotten Coast Community Church in Eastpoint, Florida, has been giving out supplies like food, bottled water, hot coffee, cleaning supplies, diapers, and pet food since Sunday, and they are still awaiting more supplies to give out. They are also offering their building as a place for people to have A/C when most of the area is currently without power.

Phil Hagar, Alliance Southern District superintendent, wrote on Friday, October 15:

“It has only been 36 hours since Hurricane Michael hit the Florida Gulf Coast with a vengeance, and already it is starting to fade into the background of the national news cycle. But I assure you that for those directly affected, reality is now beginning to set in for the millions of residents that are beginning the long journey toward recovery.

“I have remained in constant contact with Brian Rice, pastor of Heritage Bible Church, and Richard Duncan, pastor of Historic St. Andrews Church, both in Panama City. Their homes were damaged, and the entire area is engulfed with debris and destruction everywhere.

“Several families from Heritage Bible Church and Historic St. Andrews Church have lost their homes completely. Some were blown off of the foundation by 150 mph winds; others were engulfed by flood waters from the massive tidal surge.

“On top of that there is no power, no running water, and the necessary supplies to make urgent and needed repairs are in short supply or unavailable. The devastation is so massive that residents are being told it may be weeks, possibly more than a month, before power and water are restored.

“These people are part of our Alliance Southern District family. And there are thousands upon thousands of others with similar stories that have been affected by this tragedy in the same way!

“On Monday, Philip Lohmeyer from CAMA Services, the relief arm of The Christian and Missionary Alliance, will be on the ground in Panama City. I will be joining him along with our Panama City pastors to survey and assess the situation and come up with practical ways that relief can be provided in a manner consistent with our size and capacity as a district.

“In the mean time, I am calling upon our family to pray that God will:

Console those who mourn . . .
to bring about beauty for ashes,
the oil of joy for mourning,
and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.
~ Isaiah 61:3

“Pray also that we can show Christ’s love to those outside of our family who, because of this horrific circumstance, are more open to Christ’s redeeming love and the message of hope, comfort, and salvation that He offers.”

Source: Alliance News Feed – Two Alliance Districts Prepare to Provide Relief after Hurricane Michael

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