Alliance News Feed – Unifying Churches to Reach Millions

On June 2–9, churches from different denominations all over New York City, including several Alliance congregations and ministries, participated in Jesus Week, a ministry effort of Saturate NYC.

“Hundreds of streams and rivers flowed as one—churches, denominations, networks; Latino, Anglo, African American—all one river under one beautiful name!” writes David Beidel, former Alliance pastor and founder of Saturate NYC.

Because of hundreds of outreaches, nearly 3 million people were reached with the gospel through book fairs, prayer tables, movie showings, and parades. Many of these lives were changed. A police officer in Brooklyn saw a little girl finish one of the children’s books, get down on her knees, and pray to receive Christ.

Hope for the Lonely

Iglesia Alianza Oasis was involved in this citywide effort to share Christ’s love. Their volunteers visited 1,900 homes in Washington Heights with gift bags of adult and children’s books, CDs, pamphlets, and Bible tracts. Some of the people they encountered were skeptical as they received the gifts, but many others were thankful.

“When people opened their doors and let us have a conversation with them about what we were doing, it turned into a great opportunity to encourage and pray with them,” says Daniel Villa, pastor of Iglesia Alianza Oasis. “So many residents felt lonely, depressed, and helpless. The good news of Jesus provided hope for them.”

Ministering with Joy

The three congregations of New York Chinese Alliance Church (NYCAC) came alongside one another to participate in these festivities as well, passing out roughly 2,500 bags filled with evangelism tracts, invitations to worship, and JESUS film DVDs.

NYCAC held a book fair underneath tents in their parking lot on June 9.

But even before this week started, NYCAC was collecting children’s and adult books to pass out at a book fair that they held June 9, the Sunday that marked the end of Jesus Week. Hundreds of people attended to receive free books, play games, and watch Steve Ko, pastor of 3Stone, the English congregation of NYCAC, perform magic tricks.

A total of 55 contact cards were filled out at this book fair, representing roughly 150–200 individuals, and a few new people attended their church the next week.

“What we witnessed this week was the future of 3Stone, a future where our focus lies outward instead of inward,” Steve says. “It is a future where evangelism reigns and our community ministers together with joy.”

Pray for all those who were reached by this effort to share the love of Christ with New York City and for Alliance churches in this area who wish to continue proclaiming the gospel in their neighborhoods.

Source: Alliance News Feed – Unifying Churches to Reach Millions

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