Alliance News Feed – Update from Guatemala

The Volcan de Fuego erupted on Sunday with extensive damage to surrounding villages. An additional eruption mid-week expanded the extent of the damage. So far, over one-hundred deaths are reported but it is expected that many more have been buried under the lava flow and ash accumulation. Those that could have fled from the path of the destruction. Our Alliance Church in El Zapote is on the edge of the volcano’s destruction. The church has opened its doors as emergency shelter for the refugees. Our nearby Alliance Church in San Lucas is coordinating relief efforts. People from our Guatemalan churches are donating food and clothing to help those who have lost their homes and family members. Emergency funds have been sent from the U.S. Alliance to assist our Guatemala Alliance National Church with its relief efforts. Please pray for those who have been affected by the disaster and for our teams and churches who are showing God’s love through their relief efforts.


Source: Alliance News Feed – Update from Guatemala

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